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Vape Accessories

A vape experience is only as great as the underlying hardware. Of course, the e-juice too needs to be top-notch and steeped just right. But choosing the right equipment and vape accessories is equally as important.

The right combination of vape hardware and aspects like temperature control and battery life all play a crucial role in enabling you to enjoy the perfect vape.

SC Vapors stocks vaping accessories designed to meet the highest quality standards as we understand not just the shortcomings of using subpar vaping equipment, but also the impact hardware has on your overall vaping experience.

Our store carries an extensive range of vape pen accessories that can help you customize and enhance your vaping sessions.

Vaping Accessories

Your vape device is like an engine that relies on a smorgasbord of quality parts in order to function properly.

Some of the components you can expect to find in our online store include:

  • Coils

The coil may be a small component of a vape device, but it plays a very important role in the overall scheme of things. This is the part that serves the essential role of heating up e-liquid and converting it into vapor.

Also known as the atomizer head, the coil connects to the battery on one end and the e-liquid in the reservoir on the other through the wick. The coil and wick work hand in hand and are housed in a glassomizer or clearomizer, where all the action goes down.

At SC Vapors, we offer pre-built coils from the world’s top vaping brands to ensure you always enjoy quality vapes.

  • Batteries

Vape devices are powered by batteries. Some e-cigs have internal built-in batteries while many more are powered by replaceable batteries of varying capacities, the 18650 being the most common.

Batteries are a sensitive aspect of vape devices. That is why we always stock the best of the lot at SC Vapors.

Every battery you purchase from us is safety certified and although our offerings vary in terms of capacity, each one of them can be relied upon to power your e-cig for hours between charges.

  • Battery Chargers

Battery chargers are must-have vape pen accessories and come in different molds. From pass-through chargers to the myriad external types, you will find them all in our store.

Choose between standard wall chargers, car chargers, and USB chargers—along with the USB cables to go with them!

  • Drip Tips

When it comes to certain vaping accessories, sometimes users have the leeway to swap these components for a different experience. Coils and wick materials, for example, belong in this category.

So do drip tips.

These are hollow tubes that attach to the atomizer as an alternative to pods, cartridges, and cartomizers. This style of vaping is intended to enhance vape flavor, something that is achieved by dripping e-liquid directly onto the atomizer.

  • Tank Spares

Sometimes a little mishandling of your device can result in a cracked tank. Good thing is, you don’t have to replace the whole thing in the event that the unfortunate happens.

We understand accidents happen, and when they do, we make sure you always have a place to readily source your tank spares from without the need to do a major overhaul.

  • Cases and Skins

Vape devices are delicate objects and need that little bit of extra protection to extend their life. Vaping accessories like cases and skins can help in this regard.

Cases are little pouches that serve everyday-carry duty by providing a place to stash your device and other vape pen accessories. Skins, on the other hand, wrap around your device and allow you to personalize your e-cig from the plethora of designs on offer.

SC Vapors is just the place to shop for your vape cases and skins!

Picking the Right Vape Accessories

Vape components are not standard across the board so not every part will be the right fit for your devices.

One key thing you need to consider before choosing a replacement for any vape component is its compatibility.

Here are a few tips to help you make the right decisions:

Stick to same-brand components

Vaping brands tend to manufacture replacement and upgradeable components for their specific hardware.

While some parts from different brands might cross-fit with a particular device or component, the best way to ensure maximum compatibility is to use the parts recommended by the manufacturer. In other words, avoid brand-hopping when upgrading or replacing your device components.

Companies like Aspire and SMOK have an endless supply of vape parts designed to fit the diverse preferences of their customers.

Check the threading

As in most other industries, the majority of vaping brands employ a similar threading standard ideal for different vape hardware.

However, there are instances where some brands opt to use a different thread sizing which is specific only to their vaporizers and mods. For that reason, it is always best to ensure your device and the component you need have a common threading pattern.

Don’t forget recommendations

References and recommendations are one of the most reliable sources of buyer information irrespective of product or service—the caveat here being that they must be legit. This is no different when it comes to vaping accessories and components.

At SC Vapors, we publish regular guides and blogs that explicitly identify the best offerings on the market, be it hardware or e-liquids.

Ours are not sponsored posts so you can always rely on us to furnish you with solid information that will be worth your while in your vaping pursuits.

Buying Vape Accessories at SC Vapors

As a brand owned by long-term vapers, we always go one step further to ensure the vape devices and parts we put up for sale are of the highest standard and quality.

With many years of vaping experience, we know all too well the shortcomings of using substandard vaping equipment. That is why we partner with the world’s leading vaping brands with a proven track record of delivering on the quality front.

We also understand the personal satisfaction that comes from knowing you have invested in the right device and/or parts, and witnessing a certain component give you hours and hours of reliable service until it’s time to find its replacement or upgrade.

That is why it’s never a hit or miss whenever you purchase your vape accessories from us. It’s always a hit with us, no exceptions.