January 10, 2018 Top 3 Winter E-Liquids at Santa Clara Vapors

Top 3 Winter E-Liquids at Santa Clara Vapors

During the chilly winter months, we owe it to ourselves to indulge in our beloved wintertime treats. The comforting flavors that we associate with the cold winter months warm our hearts and help us forget about those pesky winter blues. If you want to indulge without the calories, you can simply vape your favorite tastes all winter long. These three vape juices are our absolute favorite winter-inspired flavors that are out there.

Winter Vape Flavor #3: Cookies – 30ml LIQUA™ Elements

Who doesn’t crave the buttery and sweet taste of homemade sugar cookies once the winter weather comes around? This comforting taste reminds us of holiday dinners and chilly winter evenings. Cookies vape juice is a flawless recreation of that sugar cookie taste that cheers us up when we need it the most. When you inhale Cookies ejuice, the buttery notes of a freshly-baked sugar cookie overwhelm you with satisfaction. As that buttery goodness slowly melts into the tongue, the mild vanilla flavor develops on the back of the palate. The exhale is full of sugary sweetness that’s just like a real sugar cookie.

Winter Vape Flavor #2: Cranberry Blast – 30ml LIQUA™ Mixes

No holiday meal is complete without a generous dollop of tart and sweet cranberry sauce. If you want to get your cranberry fix when you vape, check out Cranberry Blast vape juice. This winter-inspired flavor combines plump cranberries with icy menthol and a blast of eucalyptus. When you inhale Cranberry Blast vape juice, the tart cranberry top notes cheer you up on impact. Then, the cranberry flavor becomes sweeter and richer. Slowly, the floral and minty taste of fresh eucalyptus adds depth to the flavor profile. Each exhale makes you shiver as cold mint flavor dominates.

Winter Vape Flavor #1: Chocolate Mint – 30ml LIQUA™ Mixes

Chocolate Mint vape juice captures a flavor combination that we associate with cold weather. The rich chocolate and the cool mint balance each other out beautifully, making the mouth water as those varied flavor notes soak the taste buds. This vape juice is super decadent, giving you the ability to indulge freely when the weather gets dreary beyond belief. When you inhale Chocolate Mint vape juice, a velvety stream of milk chocolate floods your palate. The chocolate taste becomes sweeter and sweeter as it melts on the taste buds. When you exhale, fresh mint cools you down and refreshes you from head to toe.

Grab These Wintertime Flavors Today

The three e-liquids listed above perfectly capture what it is that we love about wintertime desserts. These outstanding vape juices will get you through the cold, dark months ahead thanks to their exquisite tastes that remind us of fond winter memories from long ago.