March 14, 2018 Top 3 Springtime E-Liquid Flavors

Top 3 Springtime E-Liquid Flavors

At last, spring is almost here. After months of cold, dark and dreary weather, we can’t help but enthusiastically rejoice as soon as the temperature rises and the first flowers start to bloom. If you want to celebrate the beginning of the gorgeous spring season while you vape the day away, these three vape juices at Santa Clara Vapors will get you into the springtime mood. Each flavor is extremely high in quality and full of delicious, spring-inspired flavor.

Springtime E-Liquid Flavor #3: Vanilla Orange Cream by LIQUA™ Mixes
Vanilla Orange Cream vape juice is like a thirst-quenching beverage that pops with bright and zesty flavors. The cheeriness of this delicious taste is like springtime in a bottle. Each flavor component is distinctive and full of quality. When you inhale Vanilla Orange Cream e-juice, the brightness of the orange strikes your tongue right away. Then, the warm vanilla flavor glides over the taste buds, enhancing the sweetness of the orange flavor. The exhale is delectably creamy.

Springtime E-Liquid Flavor #2: Two Mints by LIQUA™ Elements
Two Mints vape juice delivers cool mint and garden-fresh herbs. Every puff of this unique vape will make you feel like you’re taking a walk through a beautiful garden that’s lush with greenery. The aroma of this flavor is complex. The flavor is cool and refreshing. When you inhale Two Mints e-juice, a kiss of mint lands on the palate as a variety of herbs dance on the tongue. The aroma will make your mouth water before the mint becomes more intense on the exhale.

Springtime E-Liquid Flavor #1: Strawberry Cream by High Caliber™
Strawberry Cream vape juice will make you feel like you’re sitting in the sunshine enjoying a delicious seasonal treat. The blend of juicy strawberries and smooth, seductive cream is the perfect flavor to enjoy as the days become longer and warmer. On the inhale, Strawberry Cream e-juice provides the taste buds with the exact taste of ripe, fresh strawberries. The tangy and sweet notes intertwine before a stream of smooth, sweet cream gushes onto the tongue.

Get Ready For Some Springtime Vaping Today!

These e-liquid flavors from Santa Clara Vapors will make you feel more than ready for the beautiful spring weather. Each flavor is fresh, smooth, and seriously satisfying!