January 24, 2018 Top 3 LIQUA Elements 30ml Flavors

Top 3 LIQUA Elements 30ml Flavors

LIQUA Elements is one of those e-juice brands that focuses on clean, authentic flavors. Their enormous variety of vape juice flavors ensures that they’ve got an e-liquid for every type of craving. Whether you want the richest chocolate flavor out there or you crave the purest, juiciest berry tastes, LIQUA Elements can satisfy your cravings. With a good variety of vape juice flavors to choose from, we made it our mission to determine the top three juices that the brand has to offer.


There are countless e-liquids out there that pile on the sweet and rich dessert flavors. Then, there’s an e-juice like Vanilla from LIQUA Elements. This outstanding vape juice flavor delivers nothing but pure vanilla flavor that’s warm, smooth and dripping with serious creaminess. If you love vanilla flavor so much that you want to enjoy it all by itself, this e-liquid will be your new favorite. On the inhale, Vanilla vape juice delivers pure vanilla flavor that soaks into the taste buds. On the exhale, the vanilla melts into luscious cream that makes you savor every puff.

American Blend

If you love nothing more than the rich and bold flavor of American tobacco, you’ve got to grab a bottle of American Blend vape juice. LIQUA Elements carefully developed the most authentic-tasting tobacco flavor out there. By adding a touch of sweet honey, they’ve made this e-liquid even more enticing. As you inhale American Blend vape juice, you’ll feel instantly comforted as that warm, rich tobacco flavor washes over the palate and hits the back of your throat. With each exhale, a drizzle of sweet honey balances out the boldness of the tobacco flavor.

Berry Mix

If your mouth starts to water when you think about plump, juicy berries, Berry Mix vape juice is a must-have. This e-liquid has been masterfully blended to deliver all the sweet, tart and tangy flavor notes that you expect from ripe, freshly-picked berries. When you inhale Berry Mix vape juice, tart cherry flavor wakes up every taste bud. Then, sugary sweet strawberry flavor lands on the sweet tooth, elating you from head to toe. On the exhale, juicy grape flavor washes away your worries with its outrageously yummy taste.

Enjoy These 30ml Flavors

If you want to enjoy the most authentic flavors out there, check out LIQUA Elements’ line of premium vape juices. Thanks to the brand’s obsessive attention to detail, each flavor from their collection will satisfy in every way.