March 1, 2018 Top 10 Tobacco E-Liquids at Santa Clara Vapors

Top 10 Tobacco E-Liquids at Santa Clara Vapors

If the smooth and rich taste of tobacco makes you salivate like no other flavor on the planet, it’s time to explore the mouth-watering tobacco blends at Santa Clara Vapors. Whether you love menthol-kissed tobacco or the smooth taste of classic American tobacco crops, we have the flavors that take care of your cravings.

Tobacco E-Liquid Flavor #10: Classic Tobacco by AraMax

Classic Tobacco vape juice is an incredibly smooth tobacco flavor that has those rich notes that you love. The subtle hint of caramel at the end gives the flavor a sweet finish that will leave you feeling deeply satisfied. When you inhale Classic Tobacco e-juice, the rich tobacco flavor passes over your tongue, smacking your throat like the real thing. Then, on the exhale, that hint of caramel adds sweetness and even more richness to the flavor profile.

Tobacco E-Liquid Flavor #9: Cigar Tobacco by AraMax

If your tongue craves the rich and nutty notes of a Cuban cigar, Cigar Tobacco vape juice will make your dreams come true. Every hit is like a satisfying puff of an expensive cigar. The touch of sweetness at the end adds even more authenticity to this pleasurable vaping experience. As you inhale Cigar Tobacco e-juice, the nutty notes of the robust Cuban tobacco dominate. The richness of the tobacco flavor slowly coats your tongue before that delicious sweetness appears on the exhale.

Tobacco E-Liquid Flavor #8: Bright Tobacco by Liqua

Bright Tobacco vape juice from Liqua takes rich, full-bodied American tobacco and infuses it with warm but mild notes of spice. The result is an incredibly balanced flavor that will dazzle anyone who craves tobacco on a regular basis.  On the inhale, the smoothness of Bright Tobacco e-juice will blow you away. The earthy flavor notes crawl across the taste buds as the flavor becomes richer and richer. With every exhale, the sweetness and spice of the tobacco come through.

Tobacco E-Liquid Flavor #7: American 55 Tobacco by High Caliber

American 55 Tobacco vape juice from High Caliber gives you that American cigarette taste that you desire. The nutty and rich flavor notes make you feel like you’re puffing on a real cigarette while that slightly sweet finish keeps your taste buds in a state of excitement. With every inhale of American 55 Tobacco e-juice, the nutty taste of American tobacco dominates. Quickly, you’ll notice that this tobacco flavor is incredibly rich and robust. When the vapor hits you in the back of the throat, the flavor’s sweet notes emerge. On the exhale, these flavor notes marry to leave you feeling incredibly satisfied.

Tobacco E-Liquid Flavor #6: American Blend by Liqua

Liqua’s American Blend vape juice is a well-rounded tobacco flavor that any former cigarette lover will adore. The taste of full-bodied Virginia tobacco has notes of honey that enchant the tongue. The nuttiness of this flavor is guaranteed to make your mouth water. With each inhale of American Blend e-juice, the rich and smooth taste of Virginia tobacco will satisfy your cravings right away. The nutty notes begin to appear on the center of the palate before those sweet notes of honey excite you on the exhale.

Tobacco E-Liquid Flavor #5: Fire Cured Virginia Tobacco by High Caliber

If you like some notes of spice with your tobacco, you’ll love Fire Cured Virginia Tobacco vape juice from High Caliber. The full-bodied tobacco taste is infused with warm spices that intrigue the palate whenever you take a hit. The richness of the tobacco will linger on the tongue long after the exhale. Upon inhaling Fire Cured Virginia Tobacco e-juice, the earthy and rich flavor notes that you love soak your palate. The tobacco flavor is robust enough to kick you in the throat just like the real thing. As you exhale, those warm spices fill your mouth as the fragrant aroma adds to the overall vaping experience.

Tobacco E-Liquid Flavor #4: Our 4 Tobacco by High Caliber

Our 4 Tobacco vape juice from High Caliber takes the richest American tobacco flavor on the planet and drizzles it with gooey, sweet caramel. This indulgent flavor will take care of your tobacco cravings as well as your sweet tooth’s desires. On the inhale, Our 4 Tobacco e-juice spreads its robust and rich flavor across the tongue. Once the flavor hits you in the throat, that smooth caramel taste slithers along the palate. When you exhale, the sweetness of the caramel and the nuttiness of the tobacco make your taste buds jump for joy.

Tobacco E-Liquid Flavor #3: Green Tobacco by AraMax

Green Tobacco vape juice is an exotic blend of light tobacco, floral rose and aromatic spices. The gentle sweetness of this tobacco blend is enhanced by these unique and intriguing flavor notes, resulting in a vape juice that’s not like anything that you’ve ever tasted. With each inhale of Green Tobacco e-juice, that light tobacco taste pleases your palate without overwhelming your taste buds. This mild tobacco flavor has earthy and nutty flavor notes that complement each other beautifully. On exhale, the rose & spice flavors make you drool with pleasure.

Tobacco E-Liquid Flavor #2: Ice Tobacco by Liqua

Ice Tobacco vape juice is an extremely innovative blend of medium-bodied tobacco, menthol, fruits and caramel. Every puff treats the taste buds to a symphony of flavors that satisfy you like crazy. When you inhale Ice Tobacco vape juice, the fresh fruit blend exhilarates you. Then, the tobacco taste rolls down the palate. On the exhale, a blend of sugary caramel and icy menthol satisfy every craving at once.

Tobacco E-Liquid Flavor #1: Dark Tobacco by Liqua

Dark Tobacco vape juice is an intensely flavorful tobacco blend that’s as rich and robust as it gets. The nuttiness of this flavor will punch you in the tongue as the sweetness of the tobacco dazzles you on the exhale. Each inhale of Dark Tobacco e-juice drapes the palate in the exquisite taste of dark, rich tobacco. The nutty notes tease every taste bud while the robust flavor satisfies you beyond belief. When you exhale, the sweetness of the tobacco takes over.

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The ten tobacco flavors listed above belong in every tobacco lover’s collection. Each flavor is nuanced and complex, giving you that flavor that you crave.