January 23, 2019 Suorin Vape Product Family Showcase!

Suorin Vape Product Family Showcase!

It can’t be denied that portable pod systems are the latest and greatest thing to come out of the vaping world. At SCV, we offer the very best in pod hardware. We’re pleased to announce that we’re now carrying Suorin vaping systems and hardware. Suorin is renowned for their high-performance, user-friendly and incredibly reliable technology.

Knowing that our customers each have their own unique vaping needs, we’re proud to offer a variety of Suorin starter kits and hardware products. Whether you’re looking for a powerful pod system with an impressive battery or a kit that’s as portable as they come, we’ve got it all.

The Suorin Drop Vape Kit

The Suorin Drop Vape Kit is a pod-shaped portable pod system that’s conveniently slim and extremely comfortable to hold for long periods of time. Available in nine colors, this kit is as attractive as it is impressive.

This pocket-friendly device has an integrated 400mAh battery that guarantees hours of powerful vaping. It’s draw-activated, making it extremely easy to use. It comes with a refillable pod cartridge that’s designed to prevent leaks. This pod cartridge holds a generous amount of salt nic e-liquid.

The Suorin Drop Cartridge Coil Pod

The Suorin Drop Cartridge Coil Pod is a replacement pod cartridge for the Suorin Drop Kit. Having a spare pod cartridge allows you to switch between different flavors within seconds. It boasts a reliable coil that delivers a satisfying mouth-to-lung (MTL) experience.

The Suorin iShare Pod Vape with Cartridge Starter Kit

If you’re trying to have a vaping experience that feels just like smoking a cigarette, you’ll love the Suorin iShare Pod Vape with Cartridge Starter Kit. This lightweight, ultra slim device fits between your fingers just like an analog.

The Suorin iShare gets its power from a 130mAh battery that’s conveniently built into the device. The refillable pod cartridge can hold 0.9mL of any salt nic vape juice.

Because the Suorin iShare is draw-activated, it’s very easy to use. This vaping kit is excellent for those who are totally new to the world of vaping.

Suorin iShare Dual Starter kit (Portable Charger)

This kit has two iShare Devices inside of a Portable Power Bank!

Never run out of power with this on the go vape masterpiece.

The Suorin Air Vape Kit

The Suorin Air Vape Kit combines a user-friendly design with powerful technology. This extremely slim device has a card-like shape that makes it easy to slip into a pocket or purse. Despite its small size, it’s powered by an impressive 400mAh battery that guarantees satisfying puffs all day long.

This kit comes with a refillable pod cartridge that has a capacity of 2mL. It’s compatible with any nicotine salt e-juice. The design of the pod cartridge prevents leaks.

The Suorin Air Cartridge Coil Pod

The Suorin Air Cartridge Coil Pod lets you have multiple juice pods for your Suorin Air Kit. This allows you to enjoy different flavors throughout the day with incredible ease.

The Suorin Air Silicon Case

The Suorin Air Silicone Case is a protective waterproof case for your Suroin Air Kit.

Grab the Suroin Hardware You Need Today!

Only Suorin has the vaping hardware that you need for a truly satisfying and convenient vape.