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100% Authentic – Verify at The premiere vaping starter kit by Foxconn has arrived. Not only one of the most compact e-cig devices but also attractive and aesthetically pleasing in every way. The Suorin is perfect for someone looking to quit smoking, or the seasoned user that needs a discreet vape with some power. 400mAh battery for extended use, and a 2ml eliquid tank that’s leak proof and easy to refill.

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Whether you’re new to vaping or a veteran thinking about replacing your JUUL, the Suorin Air Vape, is a fantastic solution that will get the job done and save you money!

Discreet Vaping with The Suorin Air Vape

One big advantage of the Suorin Air Vape is its compact yet sturdy card format and design.
Smaller than a smartphone and incredibly thin, it’s small enough to slip into a pocket and stealthy enough to escape detection; no one will notice your Suorin Air Ultra Portable System at work, school or in other situations where vaping is frowned upon or forbidden.
Unlike the JUUL, the Suorin Air Vape Kit uses a refillable tank to create the perfect solution for anyone looking to get a discreet vaping experience.

The Power of the Suorin Air Vape

It’s streamlined look and pared-down size aren’t the only reasons the Suorin Air Vape Kit is perfect for all-day vaping.
The refillable pod system holds 2ml of e-liquid vs the JUUL’s 0.7ml capacity. Instead of having to buy expensive, disposable pods, the Suorin Air cartridges features a refill port allowing you to vape any flavor of juice you desire.

The coil in the replaceable cartridge is good for up to 5 refills however we recommend to replace the cartridge after 3 refills for optimal flavor.
The Suorin Vape has a 400mAh battery and a 1.2 ohm coil that won’t quit on you in the middle of the day.

The Suorin Vape Family

The Suorin vape kits are all about simplicity. The Suorin Drop, the most recent addition to the Suorin family, maintains the brand’s innovation and quality.
However, the Suorin Air Vape is a classic. The all-in-one system with draw-activated firing is powered by a built-in 400-mAh battery and on/off toggle.
The Suorin Air Vape uses a refillable cartridge system for regular or salt-based e-liquids. The Suorin Air Ultra Portable System also wins in terms of price, with the starter kit coming in considerably lower than the JUUL.

Is Suorin Air A Better Value Than JUUL?

Even the most hardcore vapers don’t want to spend more than necessary on supplies and accessories. Suorin cartridges are refillable and long-lasting, and you won’t spend all that money on replacement pods. Enjoy your favorite flavors and a nicotine level that is right for you with the Suorin Air.You’ll enjoy a comparable nicotine buzz to that experienced with vapes like JUUL, but at a lower cost. You don’t have to give up quality for affordability, though; with 1.2-ohm atomizer resistance, the Air vape provides a smooth hit every time.And while the Suorin Air all-in-one card-style vape starter kit is streamlined and discreet for round-the-clock vaping, it’s large enough to prevent getting lost — a common problem with USB jump drive-style vapes like the JUUL.

There’s a lot to love about the Suorin Air Vape Kit. From the value provided by the long-lasting, refillable Suorin pods to its minimalist design with built-in battery, the Suorin Air Vape wins over vapes like the JUUL on a number of important factors.
If you have been searching for a vape better than the JUUL, look no further than the Suorin Air Vape Kit. With its discreet and highly portable design, easy to use and long-lasting refillable cartridge system it is easy to see why this vape is the best on the market!
If you’ve been searching for a high-quality, super-portable vaping product yet don’t want to wipe out your bank account buying replacement pods, this classic Suorin Air Vape is the right choice for you!

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