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5000 mAh BATTERY

With ARAMAX POWER you don’t need to worry about not having enough battery from 3000mAh or dealing with large multi-battery mods. One fully charged 5000mAh battery is enough for more than 25ml of liquid.


Specially optimized wide-flow stainless dual coils generate more vape per battery than other similar devices. Flavor reproduction is fine-tuned using an aerosol particle counter system and panel team testing. We use a voltage stabilizer to ensure consistent vaping during the day.


On top of that, it has an embedded childproof cap and leak-proof top airflow.


Compact all-in-one structure, with a 510 connector for 3rd-party tanks!

If you’re tired of dealing with unreliable vaping devices or vaping sessions that just don’t deliver the flavor and vapor that you desire, it’s time to pick up the AraMax Power 5000 Vape Mod. This advanced yet user-friendly vaping system lets you enjoy your e-liquid like never before thanks to ingenious technology and a brilliant, streamlined design.

The AraMax Power 5000 Vape Mod is a powerful yet completely portable system for vapers who wants to enjoy a rich flavor as well as lots of thick vapor. This pen-shaped mod fits into most small compartments easily and discreetly. What makes this portable device so unique is its impressive 5000mAh battery that lasts all day long and gives you the huge hits that you crave. You’ll be able to enjoy approximately 25mL of e-juice before it’s time to recharge.

You’ll enjoy a profoundly consistent vape thanks to innovative features like voltage stabilization and extra wide dual coils. A 510-connector means that you can use this unit with other tanks. However, the tank that comes with this kit may become your new favorite. With a unique locking system that prevents leaking usses, this tank doesn’t disappoint. It’s completely washable and boasts an incredibly large juice capacity. Plus, it’s childproof.

The AraMax Power 5000 Vape Mod is user-friendly enough for those who are brand new to the world of vaping, but still powerful enough to satisfy the needs of those who have been in the vape game for years and are looking for something more portable and convenient. Basically, you can get the best of both worlds while satisfying your specific vaping needs and cravings.

The AraMax Power 5000 Vape Mod is a high-quality starter kit that’s reliable and exceptionally powerful. Designed to satisfy every vaping need, the AraMax Power 5000 doesn’t disappoint.

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