Yellow Dragon – Salt Nic E-Liquid 30ml


Yellow Dragon is a Fruit Ensemble of Sweet Juicy Peach, Tropical Mango with a Luscious Pineapple finish.



Yellow Dragon – Salt Nic E-Liquid 30ml

Yellow Dragon is a flavor that will have you licking your lips with its seductive tropical edge.

Luxuriously juicy pineapple slices are blended with entrancing peach nectar and a burst of bright, sweet mango juice.

Each puff satisfies the thirst when you need it the most.

At first, the pineapple flavor sings with its tangy and sweet taste.

Then, a rush of mango juice emerges, adding to the tropical splendor.

The exhale soaks your tongue in fresh, ripe peach juice.

Salted Nicotine E-Liquid, Perfect for Every Device!

SubSalt E-Liquid manufacturers a tasty selection of high-quality and affordable salt based nicotine e-liquid flavors, perfect for any device on the market!

We provide 100% customer satisfaction and are dedicated to helping our customers quit traditional tobacco cigarettes.


  • 100% USP/Kosher Vegetable Glycerin
  • 100% Pure USP Nicotine

SubSalt E-Liquid is offered in 4 different nicotine variations:

  • 0mg: No Nicotine Variant
  • 10mg: Low-Level Nicotine (Equivalent of 3mg in traditional nic)
  • 20mg: Medium Nicotine (Equivalent of 6mg in traditional nic)
  • 50mg*: (*Use for Pods Only) High Nicotine (Equivalent of 18mg in traditional nic)
salt nic e-liquid

Made in California!

With over 2 decades of experience and after working with countless other brands MMWTA is moving on to something new!

SubSalt E-Liquid is produced by licensed manufacturer MMWTA, in an ISO 6 Clean Room using 100% Pure USP Nicotine and VG as base ingredients.

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