AntiDope – Salt Nic E-Liquid 30ml


Antidope is a Deliciously Smooth Watermelon flavor with slight Apple Undertones that’s complemented by a refreshing Spearmint twist on the exhale.



AntiDope – Salt Nic E-Liquid 30ml

Antidope is a deeply rejuvenating blend of crisp apples, juicy watermelons and invigorating spearmint.

You’ll feel revitalized when you vape this during the hot summer months.

Each puff saturates the palate in fresh juices while the mint cools you down no matter how hot it is outside.

The inhale supplies the tongue with watermelon and apple nectars that are sweet, crisp and dazzlingly smooth.

The exhale shocks the palate with cold spearmint flavor.

Salted Nicotine E-Liquid, Perfect for Every Device!

SubSalt E-Liquid manufacturers a tasty selection of high-quality and affordable salt based nicotine e-liquid flavors, perfect for any device on the market!

We provide 100% customer satisfaction and are dedicated to helping our customers quit traditional tobacco cigarettes.


  • 100% USP/Kosher Vegetable Glycerin
  • 100% Pure USP Nicotine

SubSalt E-Liquid is offered in 4 different nicotine variations:

  • 0mg: No Nicotine Variant
  • 10mg: Low-Level Nicotine (Equivalent of 3mg in traditional nic)
  • 20mg: Medium Nicotine (Equivalent of 6mg in traditional nic)
  • 50mg*: (*Use for Pods Only) High Nicotine (Equivalent of 18mg in traditional nic)
antidope salt nic e-liquid

Made in California!

With over 2 decades of experience and after working with countless other brands MMWTA is moving on to something new!

SubSalt E-Liquid is produced by licensed manufacturer MMWTA, in an ISO 6 Clean Room using 100% Pure USP Nicotine and VG as base ingredients.

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Weight3 oz
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