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Menthol – Refreshingly Strong

With its smooth, crisp flavor and icy undertones, Menthol will refresh and invigorate you as an all day vape.

As one of the company favorites, this flavor is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys traditional minty tobacco.

If you like that fresh mint feeling and are looking for something similar, but want to try something new, check out the amazing Two Mints flavor!

This is a 50/50 PG/VG mix that is available in a 30ml bottle with variations of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, & 18mg nicotine levels. 


If you’re searching for the perfect menthol e-liquid, it’s time to discover Menthol vape juice from Liqua Elements. Countless vape enthusiasts consider this to be the very best menthol vape juice on the planet. With its intense iciness and crisp undertones, this menthol e-liquid is simply the best.

If you’re devoted to pure menthol without the bells and whistles, Menthol vape juice from Liqua Elements is for you. This flavor smothers your palate in fresh mint leaves before dipping your tongue into a bath of pure ice. Nothing about this menthol e-liquid tastes artificial. Therefore, each hit is smooth, satisfying and extremely refreshing.

This e-liquid is a cult favorite among fans of icy flavors. In fact, many vape enthusiasts have found that this flavor hits with more icy intensity than JUUL’s Classic Menthol flavor. For this reason, many vapers have taken it upon themselves to refill their JUUL pods with Liqua Elements’ Menthol e-liquid.

With each inhale of Menthol vape juice from Liqua Elements, you’ll feel like your taste buds are covered in mint leaves that are fresh from the garden. There’s a subtle minty aroma that invigorates you as the vapor sinks into the tongue. The vapor is incredibly smooth, gliding across the mouth like a chilly breeze. When you exhale, the menthol’s powerful frostiness takes over your senses, revitalizing you with its chilly splendor.

Liqua Elements’ Menthol vape juice is made with high-quality ingredients. You won’t have to deal with any artificial-tasting sweetness or unpleasant aftertaste while you vape this e-juice. Menthol vape juice can be added to your favorite vape juice flavor or enjoyed on its own.

It’s safe to say that Menthol vape juice from Liqua Elements is the most satisfying menthol flavor that’s on the market today. With a tremendous number of devoted fans, this vape juice manages to remain a top-seller worldwide. If you’re a menthol fanatic, this is the e-liquid that’s going to rock your world with unadulterated and intense icy goodness.

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