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The excellent clean taste of this flavor combines a spicy, smoked aroma and with the delicate aftertaste of Virginia tobacco.

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Bright Tobacco – Classic Tobacco

The excellent clean taste of this flavor combines a spicy, smoked aroma and with the delicate aftertaste of Virginia tobacco.

Bright Tobacco is one of the most popular flavors that Santa Clara Vapors sells! Furthermore, customers love this flavor for the clean throat hit and spicy tobacco undertones.

While this flavor is awesome, you might want to try something new, check out flavors like American Blend and Cuban Cigar for a similar quality vaping experience. 

This is a 50/50 PG/VG mix that is available in a 30ml bottle with variations of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, & 18mg nicotine levels. 

LIQUA™ Elements

New Look. Improved Formulation. Regulatory Compliance. Enjoyed in over 85 countries!

If you’re looking for a Virginia tobacco flavor that boasts all the complex flavor notes of an analog cigarette, you’ve come to the right place. Bright Tobacco vape juice is a smooth, rich and absolutely tasty vape juice that’s inspired by the delicious taste of sun-cured tobacco crops from Virginia.

Bright Tobacco is a full-bodied tobacco blend that boasts notes of spice, nuttiness, earthiness and just a touch of sweetness. Your palate will be in heaven as the intense tobacco washes over the taste buds with its nuanced flavor. Most importantly, this vape juice tastes astoundingly authentic. Every puff is just like sucking on the real thing.

If you crave a spicy tobacco that invigorates your senses, Bright Tobacco e-juice is exactly what you need. A blend of warm spices and smoky oak flavors tease your palate when you inhale. The richness and robustness become apparent as the vapor slowly soaks into the tongue. With each exhale, you’ll taste notes of honey that add depth to the overall flavor profile.

Bright Tobacco vape juice by LIQUA Elements is made with high-quality ingredients that are manufactured in the United States. From the smooth vegetable glycerin that gives you huge clouds to the subtle flavoring extracts that add to the flavor’s complexity, each ingredient is carefully sourced to provide you with superior quality and an unparalleled taste.

LIQUA Element’s Bright Tobacco e juice is available in five different nicotine levels. It comes in a 30 ml dropper bottle that has a childproof cap. Your bottle of Bright Tobacco vape juice arrives in a special box that prevents the e-liquid from oxidizing during the shipping process.

Bright Tobacco e-liquid from LIQUA Elements is an exquisite tobacco flavor that’s complex, rich and incredibly satisfying.

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Weight2 oz
Nicotine Strength

0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg


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3 reviews for Bright Tobacco – 30ml LIQUA™ Elements

  1. Customer

    First vape juice I ever tried and have been looking for it ever since they stop selling in stockton

  2. Customer

    Love this stuff! Not a strong flavor, which is what I like!

  3. Customer

    Like it, a lot

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