Smok Nord 1 Replacement Pod Cartridge 3ml (3pcs/Pack)


Is your Smok Nord starting to taste different? Pickup a Smok Nord Replacement Tank to taste your wonderful flavors again.

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As one of the most satisfying devices currently on the market, the Smok Nord is the perfect handheld vaping device to help quit traditional tobacco as well as enjoying your amazing vape juice flavors. The Nord cartridge tank is an extremely well designed pod system that allows you to refill it over and over without immediately losing its flavor or vaping experience.

After using the tank and refilling it between 30 to 50 times you may start to notice a certain lack of flavor and amount of vapor coming from the tank. This is a great time to purchase a Smok Nord Replacement Tank. Not only will you get a fresh coil but you will get a completely new and fresh pod and mouthpiece. Never worry again about having a gross tank that is caked with burnt juice or flavor. Pick up a new Smok Nord Replacement Tank today and get back to vaping heaven!

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