JUUL Compatible Pods Eon Smoke Pod (Pack of 4 Pods)


  • 4x Empty JUUL Pod for Salt Nic 0.7ml pods
  • Compatible with JUUL and Eon Smoke Batteries.
  • Each pod is Refillable up to 5-7 times before you start to get a burnt taste.

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Eon Smoke Pods for JUUL

Are you tired of feeling limited by the small selection of flavors available for your JUUL vaping system? 

Finally, Eon has delivered a solution that can satisfy our most particular flavor-related needs. 

The Eon Smoke Pods for JUUL let us choose from any salt nic vape juice that’s on the market without having to trade in our trusty device for a whole new pod system. 

They’re easy to use, extremely convenient and guaranteed to take care of our desires thanks to their reliable construction and unique features.

When you order the Eon Smoke Pods for JUUL, you’ll get four empty pods that are completely compatible with your JUUL pod mod vaping device. 

Just like your standard JUUL pods, these each have a capacity of 0.7 milliliters, which, for most vapers, is enough to last all day. 

It’s believed that a pod’s worth of juice is about the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes in terms of puff count and nicotine concentration, so you’ll feel perfectly satisfied while you work your way through each pod. 

Additionally, these pods are just as compatible with Eon Smoke batteries.

Each Eon Smoke Pod can be refilled somewhere between five and seven times before it must be disposed of. 

That’s because it contains a coil that utilizes a fiber wick that will start to become burnt after a while. 

Once your e-liquid doesn’t taste fresh anymore, it’s time for a new pod. 

Fortunately, switching out a dead pod for a new one is easy thanks to the click-to-install design that made JUUL famous.

Built into each pod is a high-performance coil that’s designed to deliver the most flawless mouth-to-lung experience possible. 

That means that you’ll experience sublime flavor that’s rich, complex and satisfying. 

You’ll also get the perfect hit to the back of the throat whenever you inhale thanks to the resistance level. 

After all, what more could former smokers ask for?

When you use the Eon Smoke Pods for JUUL, you’ll be able to enjoy any vape juice that contains nicotine salts. 

Because this type of vaping style is so popular right now, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of salt nic vape juices on the market. 

This means that you’ll finally be able to try every type of flavor profile under the sun. 

When you’re able to choose a flavor based on your own unique palate, you’ll find that your overall vaping experience is far more satisfying than ever before.

Filling the Eon Smoke Pods is easy. 

There’s a plug located on the exterior of the cartridge. 

When you lift that plug, the fill port is exposed. 

Simply insert the spout of your juice bottle into the fill port to begin the filling process. 

Once you close the plug, your e-liquid won’t go anywhere thanks to the leakproof design.

The Eon Smoke Pods for JUUL let you explore a whole new world of flavor in an extremely convenient way. 

Plus, they’re constructed with quality in mind.  So, what are you waiting for?

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