October 1, 2017 Fall Vape E-Liquid Selection

Let SCV Do You a Flavor This Fall

With summer fading, we find familiar autumnal sights and scents on the rebound. The air is crisper as the lingering sun relents to its reduced role. Fall is a recurring period of retool and we celebrate its return with harvest fairs, leaf-peeping, family gatherings, and open fires on a wood hearth.

Fall e-Liquid Flavors!

It’s also a great time for vaping enthusiasts to celebrate and enjoy aromatic flavors that can subtly enhance the season.

As this fall nears why not consider a soft fragrant statement with an e-liquid that shows you are in sync with the season. But what flavors will best stand the fall? Fortunately, SCV has a wide selection of liquids for you to “get your fall on” and also some great suggestions to take out some guesswork.

For a crisp yet sweet aroma you won’t want to overlook is Apple by Liqua. Apples are typically harvested in the fall and this flavor, with an inherent energetic lilt, is great for an active day yet subdued enough to be equally appropriate on a restful evening—and really, who doesn’t like apples?

When your sweet tooth is really going off, you’ll want to try the more robust Caramel, another great Fall flavor from Liqua. Caramel conjures visions of toppings and popcorn; a silky sweet with some body and heft. Heck, grab both flavors and you can have all the fixings for a caramel apple!

Spice it up…

If you are a bit edgier and your Fall vape experience isn’t all sugar, don’t despair—we have got spice!

First up is Pomegranate, a late fall fruit. If you have ever tried eating one you know you’re in for a long hunt of its pungent covered seeds and for some really stained hands. With our e-liquid all that hunting is done for you and the result is a sharp yet sweet slightly citric delight.

Finally, if you crave that smoky spice, check out Cuban Cigar Tobacco. This liquid blend brings forward deep base tones but adds a slight spice to give it that bump for a palette seeking an edge.

With amazing choices like this that stand you apart while blending into the season, there is no reason to delay stocking up on some prime flavors while they remain available for this fall.

We told you we could do you a flavor. Enjoy!