November 30, 2017 New Vapers Must Read

Newbie Vapers: Learning Standard and Variable Voltages

To truly enjoy the vaping experience, every vaper needs to understand voltages and how they work.

The term “voltage” refers to a unit of electrical potential required to send one ampere of current through the same amount of resistance.

In vaping, a vaper can choose to vape on either standard or variable voltages. However, this is restricted by the vaping device that they are using.

Standard Voltage
A standard voltage is a constant voltage. As the name states, a standard voltage allows you to vape and produce a constant output.

Most vaping devices come with only constant voltage settings so that you do not have to bother changing. However, even devices that support variable voltages come a set standard voltage. But, this can be changed to other variable voltages.

Variable Voltage
Variable voltage on the other hand is not constant. MODs for instance come with a variable voltage advantage.

They allow you to set you vaping above or below 3.7 volts, which is the standard voltage. Therefore, you can enjoy different vaping voltages with the same device. This helps to maximize your vaping experience.

Differences Between Standard and Variable Voltages
Standard voltages are at a constant of 3.7 volts and cannot be increased or reduced to match your vaping needs. On the other hand, variable voltages can be adjusted up or down from the standard voltage to enhance the vaping experience.

Vapers can vape at standard voltages using any kind of device, that is, both regular and variable voltage vaping devices. However, one can only vape on variable voltages if they own a MOD or a device that allows voltage levels to be adjusted.

Standard voltages are for beginners, or for those that are only interested in vaping and not trying new things while doing so. On the other hand, variable voltages are for those experienced in vaping.

This is because adjusting variables can be quite tricky and can be a safety hazard if tried by those who do not understand it.

The bottom-line is that none of the two types of voltages is disadvantageous. However, variable voltages will allow you to achieve that superior vaping experience you might be yearning for rather than simply vaping at the standard voltage.

This is because, with variable voltages, one can achieve the optimum throat hit, produce more vapor, and even intensify the flavor and taste. But, with standard voltage, these things will always be constant.