December 28, 2018 Liqua e-liquid vape flavors

LIQUA Is The Vape Juice To Help You Stop Smoking

No one ever said that quitting cigarettes was a walk in the park. We all know by now that tobacco is one of the most addictive substances out there. Up until recently, many smokers attempted to quit cigarettes by relying on nicotine patches and gums. Similarly, millions of cigarette smokers have tried to kick the habit using the cold turkey method with little success.

Now, there’s vaping. This revolutionary technology has helped millions of cigarette smokers ditch the tobacco for good. Out of all the e-liquid brands that are out there, LIQUA is especially dedicated to delivering high-quality vape juice products that help cigarette smokers turn their habit into a thing of the past.

Why Vaping?

Vaping helps cigarette smokers quit for good in a unique way. If you ask any cigarette smoker why they smoke, they’ll likely tell you that it’s because they’re addicted. Fascinatingly, we now know that smokers are just as addicted to the tobacco as they are to the physical act of smoking. According to cigarette smokers, there’s just something extremely satisfying about inhaling smoke into the lungs and blowing it out of the mouth.

On a similar note, many cigarette smokers find that once they quit, they become fidgety. This is partly because they’re used to holding a cigarette in their hand throughout the day. Many find that holding a cigarette is a comforting experience.

That’s where vaping comes in. By vaping, you can satisfy your need for the physical experience of smoking. However, vape juice isn’t loaded with all those toxic chemicals for which tobacco smoke is known. Free of tar and other harmful substances, vape juice satisfies in a much more risk-free way.

Plus, the vapor created by e-liquid isn’t smoke. It’s an evaporated liquid that doesn’t absorb into the lung tissue like tobacco smoke does. It also contains far less ingredients than tobacco. Vape juice is composed of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring agents and, usually, nicotine.

A bonus of vaping instead of smoking cigarettes is that users can control the amount of nicotine that they consume throughout the day. When you purchase an e-liquid, you can select the nicotine concentration that you prefer. If you’re trying to wean yourself from nicotine, you can easily reduce the nicotine concentration by a small amount over time. In fact, many vape juice brands make e-liquids that have no nicotine in them whatsoever.

Today, the technology behind vaping is extraordinarily impressive. There are many vaping devices out there that mimic the experience of smoking a cigarette perfectly. Certain devices are even designed to give you that strong throat hit that you associate with smoking a cigarette.

The Benefits of Vaping Tobacco and Menthol Flavors When Trying to Stop Smoking

LIQUA to help our customers ditch the cigarette habit once and for all. That’s why we’ve created an enormous collection of tobacco and menthol flavors. You’ll be able to find the perfect flavor for your unique cravings. Whether you crave a smoky, spicy Turkish tobacco, a smooth menthol-infused blend or the mild yet rich flavor of tobacco from Virginia, we have it all.

If you’re trying to leave cigarettes behind, a tobacco or menthol flavor is the way to go. It will provide you with the flavor that you’re used to, making it easier to transition from smoking to vaping. Eventually, you may decide to explore our other flavors such as juicy apples or sweet candies. Or, you may decide that your tobacco or menthol flavor is the e-liquid that you want to stick with for good.

What Makes LIQUA Unique

LIQUA’s tobacco and menthol flavors are unique because we put an enormous amount of effort into perfectly replicating the tastes of popular tobacco products. So many tobacco and menthol flavors that are on the market today just don’t have that flavor that cigarette smokers crave. At LIQUA, however, we create tobacco and menthol flavors that are complex, layered and outstandingly authentic-tasting.

This has a lot to do with the ingredients that we use. We don’t believe in loading our e-liquids with cheap filler ingredients that give vape juices that synthetic taste. We search all around to find the best flavoring agents that hit the spot just like the tobacco blends that you’re used to.

We also care about quality above everything else. All the ingredients that go into our vape juice products are carefully sourced and exceptional in quality. The result is a more pleasurable vaping experience that satisfies on every level.

LIQUA’s Collection of Menthol and Tobacco Flavors

American Blend

American Blend vape juice has that All-American tobacco flavor that never fails to satisfy. Inspired by that rich tobacco from Virginia, this e-liquid has notes of vanilla and honey that make each puff an intoxicating experience. You’ll be blown away by how smooth this tobacco flavor is.
Bright Tobacco

Bright Tobacco vape juice is for those who crave a tobacco flavor that’s complex and highly aromatic. Robust, smooth and rich Virginia tobacco is layered with notes of smoke and spice, resulting in an enchanting flavor profile that will leave every taste bud feeling blissful.

Dark Tobacco

Dark Tobacco vape juice is an incredibly nuanced tobacco blend for those who appreciate bold and rich flavors. This extra dark tobacco boasts a velvety draw with notes of rich nuts and mouth-watering earthiness. A hint of sweetness at the end brightens up the flavor profile.


If you were once a fan of menthol cigarettes, Menthol vape juice will satisfy your cravings. This e-juice blasts your tongue with nothing but pure, clean and ice-cold menthol. Your tongue will shiver with delight while your mouth feels amazingly refreshed.

Traditional Tobacco

Traditional Tobacco vape juice is a medium-bodied tobacco blend that has notes of spicy, invigorating sandalwood to balance out the sublime richness of this flavor. This vape juice has the complexity that cigarette smokers are accustomed to without being overly sweet. It’s stunningly balanced and guaranteed to please.

Turkish Tobacco

If you’re seduced by the nuanced taste of Turkish tobacco, you’ll love this one. The notes of spice drift smoothly over the palate while the richness and smokiness dazzle every taste bud. A hint of honey-like sweetness at the end leaves you drooling.

Two Mints

Two Mints vape juice is a minty fresh flavor that combines icy mint with smooth vanilla and a hint of rich cream. Any menthol lover will adore the exhilarating punch of minty goodness that slams the palate with every puff.

LIQUA Has A Lot to Offer!

At Santa Clara Vapors, we know that the right vape juice can help a cigarette smoker say goodbye to their habit once and for all. That’s why we offer such an extensive collection of tobacco and menthol flavors from LIQUA. Each of these e-liquids boasts quality ingredients and a superbly complex, deeply satisfying flavor profile that you are sure to enjoy.