May 4, 2018 LIQUA Mixes e-Liquid flavor and quality…

LIQUA Mixes e-Liquid flavor and quality…

It’s an unfortunate reality that countless vape juice brands produce flavors that don’t taste fresh or authentic. However, vape enthusiasts around the world have found one brand that truly delivers in terms of flavor and quality. LIQUA Mixes is an exceptional e-juice manufacturer that creates delicious vape juices. Each e-liquid from the collection tastes exactly like a flavor that you find yourself craving on a regular basis.

The e-juice collection from LIQUA Mixes is diverse and extensive. From their signature robust, sweet tobacco to their outstanding New York cheesecake flavor that’s as rich and creamy as the real thing, every vape juice from the brand will delight you with an incredibly authentic taste.

The secret behind the superiority of the brand’s flavors has everything to do with the ingredients that they use. Their fruit flavors are made with real fruit extracts and are free of that artificial sweetness that takes away from the gentle notes of real, ripe fruits.

If tropical flavors make you salivate, Pina Coolada vape juice will tantalize you like crazy. For this vape juice, LIQUA Mixes combined fresh pineapple juice with a splash of dark, rich rum and soothing, silky cream. Your taste buds won’t believe that you aren’t sipping on a real cocktail that’s made with fresh, ripe fruits.

Chocolate Mint vape juice is a favorite thanks to its impeccably smooth flavor. Rich milk chocolate melts onto your tongue before a cool breeze of fresh mint leaves washes across the palate. Both flavor components taste exactly like the tastes that you know and love.

If you love the taste of smooth, flavorful tobacco, Sweet Tobacco vape juice is exactly what you need. This top-selling e-liquid consists of a robust, full-bodied tobacco that teases the tongue with notes of sweetness, nuttiness and mouth-watering earthiness. Each pull is like taking a puff of a real cigarette that’s made by your favorite brand.

LIQUA Mixes manages to take straightforward, clean flavors and turn them into innovative creations. Banana Cream vape juice provides the tongue with the exact taste of sweet, creamy and perfectly ripe bananas. The banana flavor is blended with the silkiest cream on the planet to deliver something that’s deeply luxurious and worth savoring.

Jasmine Tea vape juice is one of the brand’s more unique concoctions. The blend of earthy white tea and aromatic jasmine is simply intoxicating. Your senses will be soothed as this complex flavor swims across your mouth.

Like any good brand, LIQUA Mixes is always striving to deliver the best of the best. That’s why they’ve reformulated their entire collection. The result is more intense flavors, fuller clouds and more satisfying vapor production. The brand has even taken on a new look by updating their bottle designs.

When you purchase a vape juice from LIQUA Mixes, you can choose from a wide range of nicotine strengths. Each vape juice comes in two sizes. You can choose between a 50 percent VG and 50 percent PG or 65 percent VG and 35 percent PG base. The 65 percent VG and 35 percent PG base is perfect for vape enthusiasts who desire bigger clouds and a less powerful throat hit.
The LIQUA Mixes vape juice collection is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings thanks to unbelievably authentic tastes that are made with high-quality ingredients.

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