May 13, 2018 LIQUA Elements e-Liquid Extraordinary e-Liquid

LIQUA Elements e-Liquid Extraordinary e-Liquid

If you’re looking for the most satisfying vape of your life, look no further than the extraordinary e-liquid collection from LIQUA Elements. This collection has a flavor for every type of craving under the sun. Whether your palate is yearning for smooth American tobacco, a refreshing menthol e liquid or a fruity blend that quenches the thirst, you’re certain to find a LIQUA Elements flavor that will enchant you like nothing else that’s on the market today.

Among the brand’s top-selling e-liquids are tobacco and menthol flavors that taste extraordinarily authentic. LIQUA Elements is known for making the best tobacco vape juice out there. American Blend vape juice satisfies former cigarette smokers with the smooth, rich and nutty taste of real Virginia tobacco.

The best menthol vape juice from LIQUA Elements is Two Mints, a flavor that’s often compared to JUUL Classic Menthol. Two Mints combines two different types of menthol to invigorate you in every way. This flavor is intense and unbelievably smooth, chilling your tongue in the way that only high-quality menthol can.

LIQUA Elements also boasts innovative flavors that taste clean, pure and delicious. Coffee vape juice perfectly captures that smooth, rich coffee taste that you crave all day long. Best of all, it won’t give you the caffeine jitters.

If you long for fresh fruits, you’ll have plenty of tempting e-liquids from which to choose. Berry Mix vape juice combines your very favorite berries in order to tantalize every taste bud. You’ll enjoy tart, sweet and tangy flavor notes as the taste of real ripe berries rush across the palate.

Black Currant ejuice tributes a fruity taste that’s often overlooked by other vape juice brands. Each hit delivers a pop of tartness that makes your mouth water. Then, intoxicating sweetness is like a breath of fresh air for your sweet tooth.

Extreme Drink e juice is a fruity flavor that vape enthusiasts absolutely adore. Inspired by a popular energy drink, this vape juice tastes like a refreshing blend of sweet fruit punch and bubbly cola.

More unique flavors include Licorice and Black Tea. The latter has that soothing bitterness that we associate with high-quality black tea. The sweet finish is delightful.

LIQUA Elements uses high-quality ingredients that are derived from natural sources. That’s why their flavors just taste better than everyone else’s. Many vape enthusiasts have found that the LIQUA Elements flavors are great for RDA-based vaping. These e-liquids also taste great when vaped through sub-ohm tanks.

When it comes to high-quality vape juices, no one has LIQUA Elements beat. Their diverse collection of flavors consists of some of the tastiest creations on the planet. Plus, their prices are extremely affordable. You’ll be able to stock up on your very favorite flavors without spending all your hard-earned money.

Despite the great prices at which these vape juices are sold, you’ll be completely blown away by the intense flavor, huge clouds and astounding quality that LIQUA Elements vape juices have to offer.


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