December 22, 2019 LIQUA 70ml: Get More Order Less

LIQUA 70ml: Get More Order Less

Enhance Your Vaping Experience For Longer With Our Larger LIQUA Bottles

Vapers know that although LIQUA offers some of the greatest flavors on the market, including their rich Cuban Cigar and smooth menthol flavors, it can be tedious to keep having to purchase small amounts of e-liquid for refills — but at Santa Clara Vapors we can help, because we’re now able to offer our most popular LIQUA brands in their largest 70ml serving size.

LIQUA 70ml Get More Order Less

By ordering in larger quantities you’re not only ensuring that you’ll have plenty of vape juice for the near future but also reducing the number of orders that you have to place for refills. We’ve got all of the best-selling flavors but now in huge 70ml bottles, cutting down the number of times you have to top up your e-liquid supply, meaning you can sit back and simply enjoy a puff.

Each LIQUA 70ml bottle is filled with the company’s unique blend of ingredients that not only helps ease people off of harmful cigarette smoking but are much easier on the body and promote an overall sense of satisfaction. With at least five amazing-tasting flavors to choose from you’re bound to find something to fit your tastes, whether you prefer savory, sweet, or something in-between, from the hearty taste of Cuban cigars through to ice-cold menthol.

LIQUA 70ml Traditional Tobacco

traditional tobacco 70ml liqua

For those looking to ditch cigarettes, we’ve found LIQUA’s Traditional Tobacco flavor to be one of the most popular varieties. Vaping this you’ll get that unmistakable tobacco taste but without the harshness of today’s cigarettes, where the tobacco is often mixed with harmful fillers. Instead, you’ll get a mix of spicy and sweet as you inhale. It’s everything you’d want from a cigarette but without the downsides that you’re trying to avoid.

LIQUA 70ml Bright Tobacco

liqua 70ml bright tobacco

If you prefer your tobacco a little smokier and spicier but without the sweetness, try out the LIQUA Bright Tobacco flavor. Each 70ml bottle comes packed with a powerful punch, guaranteed to satisfy you when sitting back with this flavor in your vape.

LIQUA 70ml Cuban Cigar

liqua 70ml cuban cigar
And if it’s the richest possible tobacco taste you’re after then look no further than LIQUA’s Cuban Cigar brand. Close your eyes and dream of the hand-rolled cigars that the Caribbean island is famous for as you enjoy the strong and savory sensation with this loaded in your vape.

LIQUA 70ml American Blend

liqua 70ml american blend

Our new range of 70ml bottles also includes some milder flavors, including LIQUA’s American Blend for anyone in the United States feeling patriotic. Among the sweeter flavors, this blend evokes the flavors of Virginia tobacco mixed with honey for a smooth, light taste.

LIQUA 70ml Menthol

liqua menthol 70ml
Or try the icy cool LIQUA Menthol flavor for a crisp and refreshing vape, the perfect transition for people who love menthol cigarettes but are looking to quit using them. An incredibly popular flavor for many people, the main taste you’ll get is mint mixed with tobacco.

Check out all the flavors on the Santa Clara Vapors website, and take advantage of our new range of LIQUA 70ml e-liquid so you never have to worry about your vape running on empty.