January 17, 2018 High Caliber 5x 60ml (300ml) Special Order

High Caliber 5x 60ml (300ml) Special Order

Now that the new year has arrived, it’s time to stock up on your very favorite vape juices in order to get through the cold winter months ahead. Luckily, you can grab the e-liquid flavors that you adore most when you pick up the High Caliber 5x 60 ml Special Order. You can select from three mouth-watering flavors and enjoy building your e-liquid empire with 300 ml of delicious juice.

The High Caliber 5x 60 ml Special Order provides you with 5x 60ml bottles that are full of your favorite e-juice flavors. You can select from the three flavors listed below:

Blue Raspberry Lemonade

Blue Raspberry Lemonade vape juice combines your favorite summertime beverage with your favorite sweet and sour candy flavor. You’ll experience intense refreshment as you puff away at this tangy, tart and sugary delight. When you inhale Blue Raspberry Lemonade vape juice, sour blue raspberry flavor punches you in the taste buds. As you salivate beyond belief, a burst of tart and tangy lemonade flavor enters the picture. On the exhale, these flavors marry and become satisfyingly sweet.

Killa Vanilla

You can’t go wrong with vanilla custard. Killa Vanilla vape juice takes creamy and rich custard flavor and infuses it with the warm and sweet taste of vanilla beans. As this smooth flavor makes its way across the tongue, you won’t be able to stop drooling.
When you inhale Killa Vanilla vape juice, the yummy vanilla taste satisfies you on impact. Then, the custard flavor comes through with its rich egg-like taste. The custard flavor becomes creamier as the vape juice sits on the tongue. On the exhale, the vanilla custard flavor will absorb into the taste buds.


If you need some extra spice in your life, look no further. FlameThrower is an outrageously hot cinnamon candy flavor that will make your tongue go wild. The blend of spice and sweetness will make this flavor addictive. When you inhale FlameThrower vape juice, a powerful whack of hot cinnamon flavor engulfs your tongue. Each exhale gives the palate a satisfying candy finish.

Enjoy the Best E-Liquids

The High Caliber 5x 60 ml Special Order allows you to enjoy the best e-liquid flavors out there at a discounted price. Each of the three flavors will blow you away with both their quality and intensity.