November 7, 2017 E-Liquid Names Know what to look for in E-Liquid

It’s All in the E-Liquid Name

The name of any product can be important, and those with a more eye-catching name tend to sell better. This is certainly true of e-liquids. That’s right, an e-liquid name that is catchy is likely to get more sales.

It’s good for sales when the e-Liquid name indicates that the product is of superior flavor and quality. The way the e-liquids are packaged makes a difference, too.

Products that are put in eye-catching packaging tend to do well. Many customers are drawn to e-liquids with visually appealing packaging.

Unless a customer has done research on the products or used the products before, it is likely the name and packaging will capture customers’ interests.

The color of packaging and the type of bottle can be important. It is often a good idea for the color of the packaging to match the flavor.

For instance, it would be ideal to have blueberry flavored e-liquids in a blue container. Strawberry flavored e-juices may do better in pink or red colored packaging. Having catchy artwork on the packaging also can attract customers, if it is in reasonable standards and guidelines of course.

The more intricate and well-done any graphics are on the container, the more the packaging will be likely to attract customers. Packaging with artwork is far more likely to attract customers than packaging without it.

As for the bottle type; the size, shape, and the material (plastic, glass, UV coating, etc.) of the bottle can make a difference. The box and the bottle’s labeling should be matched up with the bottle that the e-liquid is placed in.

Same can be said with the flavor and color of the liquid to be matched up with the bottle it is placed in itself.

Additionally, the e-liquid name can make a tremendous difference. When an e-liquid is given a bland name, it is likely to be thought of as boring and generic.

For instance, simply naming an e-liquid “blueberry vape” isn’t likely to get a lot of customers. People would simply see the e-liquid as generic (even if it does say the word “premium” on it). The very same liquid could do a lot better with a catchy name, such as “blueberry flavor explosion”.

This would indicate to customers that the e-juice is exceptionally flavorful beyond other liquids. This is likely to be very attractive to customers.

Additionally, the name of the brand can also make a big difference. E-liquids that have a catchy brand name often tend to sell very well.

There are an infinite variety of catchy names that you can choose for an e-liquid. However, it should be something that represents an image that would be attractive to the demographic of vaper(s) that you are marketing to.

This will vary and sometimes trial and error are the only way to get a better gauge or understanding of what the target base is looking for.

As you can see, the name and packaging of e-liquids can sometimes be just as important as the quality of the e-liquid itself. If a vaper doesn’t buy the e-liquid, they won’t be able to experience its flavors and quality. Often, the key to getting vapers (new or experience) to buy an e-liquid the first time is the name and packaging.