March 31, 2017 E-Cig Age Verification and You…

E-Cig Age Verification and You…

We know it is scary entering personal information into a any site online... So we take the extra steps to ensure our customers information is encrypted. ALL checkout and account areas use an SSL, and we do not store customer age verification data on public servers EVER.

In partnering with the industry's newest leader, BlueCheck. Our customers can now enjoy a fully automated age verification system! We are happy to be 100% in compliance with Federal Regulations regarding the online sale of Vape Products. All thanks to BlueCheck's System.

Age Verification Q/A

Q. What do you need to enter on our form?

A. Just your normal billing details. If the Age Verification system is not able to be verify you automatically, it will guide you through the verification process!

Q. My Order will not Verify and I want my Juice...

A. You can email us with the items you want and we will accept a drivers licence image for verification.

Try entering your old addresses just to be sure.

Q. Number one thing to look out for when entering personal information online?

A. ALWAYS ensure that you are on an encrypted page, it's easy to tell. Just go to the "address bar" of your browser (the field with the website URL, for example: and look for "https://" before the website you are on. You may have to click or tap on the URL to see if the https is there. The key here is the "s" on the end of https if its not there, do not enter your personal info.

I need more info...

For more information on BlueCheck please visit their website here.

For more information on Federal Regulations please visit the P.A.C.T. ACT ATF website here.

For a more detailed write up by our friends at Vaping360 click here!