December 7, 2018 Best Holiday e-Liquid Flavors from SCV

Best Holiday e-Liquid Flavors from SCV

Best Holiday Flavors from SCV

With the holidays upon us, our palates are starting to desire the flavors that remind us of this beloved season. At Santa Clara Vapors, you can grab exquisite vape juices that truly capture the sweet, rich and nutty tastes that make us think of our favorite holiday memories. Each of these vape juices captivates the palate with a clean, complex flavor profile thanks to a blend of exceptional ingredients.


Holiday Flavor #3: LIQUA Mixes Sweet Tobacco

There’s nothing like the flavor of sweet, nutty tobacco once the weather gets cold. The taste of tobacco comforts us with its warm, rich flavor and its complex aroma. LIQUA Mixes Sweet Tobacco is a stunningly nuanced tobacco flavor that will satisfy you deeply throughout the holiday season.

As soon as you inhale, the nutty, earthy taste of fine tobacco thrills your senses. This flavor is smooth and incredibly rich. The robustness of the flavor becomes more and more apparent as the vapor sits on your tongue. As you exhale, the sweetness makes you feel heavenly.


Holiday Flavor #2: LIQUA Elements Cream

Decadent flavors are what we crave when the holidays come around. When you vape LIQUA Elements Cream, you can indulge in rich, velvety cream without any of the guilt. This flavor saturates every taste bud while giving the sweet tooth the perfect dose of sugar.

Every inhale slathers your palate in exquisitely silky cream. You’ll find yourself closing your eyes and savoring every second that the cream lingers on the tongue. The cream becomes richer and richer as it drips along the taste buds. On the exhale, a satisfying hint of sweetness emerges.


Holiday Flavor #1: LIQUA Elements Coffee

LIQUA Elements Coffee has that rich, robust flavor that hits the spot-on chilly afternoons. This full-bodied coffee is blended with a drizzle of decadent caramel, giving it sweetness and richness that will have your mouth watering. If you’re a coffee fiend, this flavor must be tried.

At first, that nutty, slightly bitter coffee taste invigorates you. The coffee gets richer and richer as it makes its way across your palate. The coffee warms your soul as that caramel starts to drip onto the sweet tooth. With each exhale, the caramel’s sweetness dominates.


Time to Get Into the Holiday Vaping Cheer
If you want to satisfy your holiday cravings, these three vape juice flavors from Santa Clara Vapors will do the trick.