July 26, 2018 What are the Best Alternatives to the JUUL?

What are the Best Alternatives to the JUUL?

No vaper is unaware of the fact that JUUL has become one of the top-selling vaping devices of all time. This portable, user-friendly pod mod is popular with both beginners and advanced vape enthusiasts. However, the truth is that there are plenty of pod mods on the market that will deliver a more satisfying vaping experience overall. If you’re looking for the best portable vape, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, you can choose from a wide variety of JUUL alternatives that will satisfy all of your vape-related needs. Vape enthusiasts agree that many of the pod mods that you can find on the market are much better than JUUL.

For example, many of the newer pod mods boast refillable vape cartridges that allow you to vape any flavor that you like. This means that you don’t have to be limited to the small selection of flavors that JUUL offers. For instance, if you’re obsessed with Menthol vape juice from LIQUA, you can continue to indulge in that flavor while enjoying the many benefits of a portable pod device.

The Suorin Air Vape System

One of the most popular JUUL alternatives is the Suorin Air vape system. If you’re looking for a pod mod that’s better than JUUL, this is the device for you. Any reddit search will show you that this is the most coveted pod mod that’s out there today. Unlike the JUUL, it comes with a refillable pod that gives you the ability to vape any flavor that you’d like.

The Suorin Air is one of the most beloved JUUL alternatives because of its user-friendly design and its remarkable portability. This slim device can easily fit into the pocket of your pants. The refillable vape cartridge snaps into place with ease. Plus, its built-in 400 mAh battery is more powerful than the battery that JUUL devices use.

Another advantage of the Suorin Air is that it’s completely leak-proof. You won’t have to deal with losing precious e-liquid or making a mess while you try to get your vape on.

The JOYETECH Atopack Penguin All-In-One System

Another coveted JUUL alternative is the JOYETECH Atopack Penguin All-In-One System. Like the Suorin Air, this system comes with a refillable pod that takes any nic salt vape juice. Although this device is a bit larger than the Suorin Air, it’s still compact enough to fit into most compartments.

Equipped with a 2000 mAh battery that’s built into the device, the JOYETECH Atopack Penguin All-In-One System boasts impressive power. You’ll enjoy huge clouds and a very long battery life. Plus, the refillable pod cartridge has a capacity of 8.8 milliliters. Therefore, you’ll be able to enjoy longer vaping sessions before it’s time to refill.

The SMOK Infinix Ultra-Portable Kit

SMOK is a brand that’s quickly becoming a favorite among vape enthusiasts around the world. Their Infinix Ultra-Portable Kit is yet another coveted JUUL alternative. The design of this device is very similar to the JUUL. Yet, it boasts a refillable pod cartridge that JUUL doesn’t have.

A 250 mAh battery is built into the SMOK Infinix Ultra-Portable System. This battery will provide you with a satisfying amount of vapor whenever you take a hit. Like the JUUL, this system has a capacity of two milliliters. Like all the kits that we’ve listed so far, this device can take any salt nic e-liquid flavor.

The SMOK Rolo Badge Ultra-Portable System

The SMOK Rolo Badge Ultra-Portable System features a stunning and innovative design that’s both portable and extremely comfortable to hold. Like their Infinix Ultra-Portable Kit, this system consists of a 250 mAh battery and a refillable juice pod.

This system will fit into virtually any small compartment or pocket thanks to its slim shape and small size. It comes in a wide range of striking colors. A high-quality organic cotton wick ensures that each hit is incredibly tasty.

Which Will You Choose?

If you’re looking for JUUL alternative pod mods, it’s time to check out these four portable vaping kits. Each kit comes with a refillable pod cartridge that allows you to continue exploring different e-liquid flavors. Plus, they’re all durable, reliable and incredibly easy to use.


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