Variable Voltage...

  • These mods have the ability to adjust the battery output voltage up or down
  • Usually, but not always in an increment of .1v, starting at 3.0v and ending at 6.0v
    • Why is this useful?
      • Adjusting the voltage up or down will allow you to change how fast your heating element gets hot, and how hot it gets. by doing this, you can change the liquid's flavor, the amount of vapor, and the throat hit. Running at too high of voltage for your heating element will result in a premature failure!

Variable Power / Wattage...

  • These mods have the ability to be set to a given operating wattage.
  • Usually, but not always in increments of .1w or 1W, and anywhere within the range of 8.0W and 150.0W.
    • Why is this useful?
      • Setting your mod to a certain operating wattage means that your mod can detect the OHM (resistance) rating of your heating element for you, and maintain that same wattage across all heating elements (it adjusts the voltage automatically based on a formula from OHM's Law) without burning them with too high of a voltage.
      • Box Mods...

        • These mods are designed to house one 18650 battery or two 18650 batteries running them either in series or parallel. It is important to use batteries that are the same brand and capacity. Mismatching batteries can lead to battery failure and potential venting. 
          •  Regulated Mods
          • These are mods that come with a circuitboard build inside of the body. These boards can be programmed to protect batteries by measuring the resistance (ohms) of your atomizer before every hit. Most have displays which show the wattage, voltage, and resistance of the atomizer.
          •  Unregulated Mods
          • These mods have no battery protection and operate similar to mechanical mods. They run straight from the voltage off the battery and are usually meant for competition vaping. 
    • Temperature Control (TC)...

        • Regulated mods with new (2015+) circuit boards have the ability to calculate temperature using the fluctuation of resistance in either Titanium (Ti) wire or Nickel wire (Ni200). The traditional kanthal wire will not be able to be used in temperature control mode. Users can set the maximum temperature they want to vape at when using temperature control mode in increments of +/- 10 degrees fahrenheit or +/-.1 Joules. 

The 510 Fitting...

  • The most common electronic cigarette fitting in the world today, it has been in use since the beginning of e-cig's and is a major part of almost every mod. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? well the jury is still out! Many say it is not stable or strong enough to support the new mods coming out, while others like the idea of a universal fitting. Good or bad? We will just have to sit back and see where the industry takes it.

The Battery...

  • The most important component to any mod, it's battery.
  • Common sizes: 18350, 18500, and 18650. 
  • Common Capacities: 800mAh, 2200mAh.
  • Protected Safe chemistry batteries are best, Protected Li-ion, Li-Mr (IMR), and Li-FePo4 batteries are generally safe.
    • E-cigarette form has a WONDERFUL write-up on all the batteries and what will work with what, found here.

The Input/Fire Method...

  • LCD/OLED/LED Screens are used to display things like: battery life, voltage/wattage, device settings, heating element OHM's, puffs taken, and much more on some devices.
  • For input and settings changes, buttons are usually used especially if you're using a mod that has adjustable Voltage/Wattage you will almost always see two buttons, one up and one down. Some might feature a twist knob for adjustment.
  • To Fire, most devices use a button on the side, some will have a button extending from the base cap on the end that acts as a raw on/off switch between the battery and a complete circuit.