March 25, 2018 AraMax Vape Pen Kit

AraMax Vape Pen Kit

AraMax has stunned vape enthusiasts with exquisite flavors for some time now. Finally, the brand has released the AraMax Vape Pen Kit, a high-quality vaping device that’s easy to use and loaded with exciting features. Utilizing the very latest technology of today, this special device is surprisingly advanced for its small size.

The AraMax Vape Pen Kit is a highly advanced piece of vaping technology. Its pen-shaped design and small size guarantees maximum portability. This user-friendly device is perfect for vape enthusiasts who don’t want to have to mess around with settings and modifications whenever they switch up their juice or coils.

Built into this device is a durable 900mAh battery that’s completely rechargeable. This kit comes with a USB charging cable, allowing you to charge your battery at any time. The 1.8ohm dual-coil ensures intense vapor production and a smooth flavor. The coil design reduces the risk of dry hits and leaking juice.

One of the most exciting features of the AraMax Vape Pen Kit is its pass-through technology that allows you to vape while you charge. As a result of this unique technology, you won’t have to lose precious vaping time whenever your battery is running low. A full tank and fully charged battery provides you with about 300 delicious puffs thanks to the tank’s generous capacity and the quality of the battery.

Vape enthusiasts who are intimidated by the many features and settings that come with more intricate box mods will appreciate the single button activation of this pen mod. One button controls the power and voltage, making it extremely easy to use regardless of one’s experience and technological knowledge.

The AraMax Vape Pen Kit is the perfect device for vapers who desires more simplicity in their life. This advanced kit is easy to use, durable and efficient.

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