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  1. First time buying here my Coffee Liqua and I´m very pleased. The package arrived sooner than expected. They were very kind helping me when I needed them even though it was during the weekend. I will continue being their customer. Thank you.

  2. I am a loyal SCVapors customer who has been ordering my Liqua products on line through them for a few years now. Wonderful company with excellent, personalized customer service…thumbs up!

  3. I have been vaping for approximately 3 yrs since I quite smoking, hence thanks to the vaping factor! I was always running from this store to another around town trying to find my vape of choice being the liqua bright tobacco! Until I went online and found Santa Clara Vapor store! It has saved me time and money!
    Whenever I have had any online issues they have been overly helpful and extremely nice in doing so, with all being said I highly recommend this store! Also, I receive my vape and accessories in a timely fashion! So most definitely the best choice I made in going online to them to place orders!!!!!! Keep up the awesome work SCVapor

  4. I have been vaping for years, happen to stop in the shop when they had a store front and need some e-juice. I explained making my own juice, my enjoyment of Turkish Tobacco and just could not find that taste I was looking for. They introduced me to Liqua Turkish Tobacco and I refuse to use anything else.
    Great group of people who understand the mechanics, flavors and just good people to know.

  5. I have been ordering from Santa Clara for 2 1/2 years. My orders are fast and accurate. I dislike the new federal laws taking over but that is not the company’s fault. I highly recommend Santa Clara Vapors !

  6. Since this guys where little, i start to purchase from them… Now my mom will kill me if i dont place order with this guys… totally Loyal to them…!!! Saludos a todos de Mexico.. San Diego

  7. I’ve been purchasing all of my juice from SC Vapors, for over a year now. I’ll add, rarely do I leave reviews, as rarely am I compelled enough to do so. But, I felt that this institution deserved it from me, and will likely inspire me to do so more frequently. I am very pleased with all interactions I’ve had with this company. They’ve never made a mistake with my orders. They have only had inventory issues with me once. How they handled it was the important part of the story. A gentleman called me right away to tell me that they were running low and to inform me what their plan to rectify was. Not only did they promptly send to me what quantity they had in stock, but they also sent extra when stock was replenished to compensate for the delay…which came only a couple days later. They ship orders rapidly and offer free shipping with qualifying orders. I could buy this same juice at a store just a block from my residence, but continually choose to order from an online store, which has a storefront over 1800 miles away; for their consistency, their service, lower price and loyalty. I’ve never been to a physical location, but I would wager the application of their business philosophy is consistent across mediums. You can’t lose with them.

  8. My husband will only vape Liqua Cuban Cigar and I was having trouble finding it locally so I found this site and ordered it online. I did not get my order in until after lunch on Friday and was expecting 4-8 business days for shipping but he received his juice on Monday! Just 3 days later counting the weekend! I was very pleased at how quick and smoothly the transaction went! I will definitely be ordering all of my husbands juice from Santa Clara Vapors from here on out! Thank you for your quick and convenient service!

  9. The service at Santa Clara Vapors is amazing!! I have placed several orders now and have been extremely satisfied with all the products I have ordered! Fast, prompt delivery of quality products!!

  10. Great customer service! I love this Vape store. Always receive orders immediately.
    Thanks SC Vapors!

  11. I have been ordering with Santa Clara for years. they always have what I need. Orders are timely. I feel secure when making a purchase.

  12. I have been ordering from SC Vapors for three years and am very happy with their service. They ship the same day and are a trustworthy company. I never worry when I order from them and that’s a big plus for me. I use Liqua juice which not many companies carry and they are the least expensive also. Thank You, SC Vapors

  13. I get the high caliber Icy fire. It’s wonerful, in fact sc v apors is the only place I can find it. I hope they don’t discontinue it. I’ve tried other vapors and they aren’t like icy fire!

  14. This company has never let me down. Order is always correct. And the shipping speed? Could not be better! Thanks!

  15. I order all my Liqua e liquid from this site. They have great ship times, the best prices and the customer service is the absolute best!

  16. I tried SCV for the first time and of course, my item purchased was considered a “Special Order”. I was thoroughly impressed with the easy, timely, and fast service brought forth by SCV. Thankful & so impressed. Keep up the great work! I will definitely be referring all of my vapor friends to Santa Clara Vapors! 🙂

  17. I’ve been a fan of Liqua eJuce for a while but could not find a realiable source until I found S C Vapors. Other sources were unrealiable or sold bootleg products. With SC I have found consistent stock, good prices and realiable customer service.
    My favorite Liqua’s are coffee and mint. The coffee reminds me of a good Peet’s coffee without sugar or milk so you get a great earthy flavor. The mint is the flavor I searched for a long time. It has a non sweet, non menthol flavor that satisfies. I’ll be a customer of SC VAPORS for life

    Tiki Tommy

  18. The Prices are outstanding, I was paying $10 for a 10ml bottle of LIQUA at the local store here, which as you know i can get a 30ml bottle from you guys (SCVapors) for the same price. I have even gotten my mother into vaping now, so the orders should keep on coming from us. I highly recommend you to all my vaping friends. Thank You Again.

  19. I love my Ego Tank- I finally got this prcoudt after a terrible time with the NicStick Tank. Had to return the prcoudt 3 times due to battery issues and or Tank getting clogged. Used my friend Blu which was nice. But there is no tank and when the cartridge runs out you replace another. This would not work for me because I find Blu’s prcoudt expensive. Enfin, after much trouble, because I do not want to go back to smoking cigs. I received the Ego Tank. I love it. The first puff is the same as the next. I find my batteries last for about 24 hours and this is with Hardcore puffing all day.One Tip, do not let the Tank run dry..

  20. SC Vapors has outstanding customer service, I have been ordering from them for over a year. I can’t say enough about how wonderful they are, I called customer service the other day about battery’s that I got off there clearance that didn’t seem to work good and they replaced them with an upgrade and chargers for no charge. Now if that’s not good business then I don’t know what is. I myself will be their customer for ever.

  21. Great service, very helpful, best products, love the High Caliber for flavor, this is the only place we shop, unless we are out of town and run out of something….
    Thank you for your quick service in getting our products mailed out to us..

  22. My friend turned my on to this site and I’m glad he did. It’s a pleasure purchasing e-liquids from a trusted site. Quick and easy. Their prices, shipping rates, and products beat out all the sites that I have visited. Thanks guys for quality products at a reasonable price,

  23. Awesome service…the product was processed and shipped the same day. I received my items in 2 days!!!! Great prices, packaged well, and fast shipping will purchase items again.

  24. High Caliber e-Liquid is my favorite, and SC Vapors offers the High Caliber line at a price better than I’ve been able to find any where else, not to mention fast shipping and great service. I’ll be a continued SC Vapors customer time and time again. Thank you!

  25. Have ordered twice and both were delivered in near record time. No order mistakes AND prices are better than other places I’ve visited. A big THANKS for last delivery even with the Holiday…

  26. FINALLY….I can stop looking at every damn e juice site that claims to have the best of everything. SCVapors is THE one stop shop. The LIQUA brand e-juice is my favorite and the these guys do it all and they do it right…FAST shipping times, wide variety of products and OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE. There really is no reason to shop anywhere else. Glad i finally found this site. LIFE LONG CUSTOMER!


  28. Wonderful service! Smoked for 40 years, was really sick. These products helped me quit smoking and I am feeling 100% better!

  29. Best prices on the web for E-juice!!!! the website is a bit tricky to use on mobile and Laptop

    the amount ordering can be tricky too.I wanted to order 10 /10mil bottle s of E-juice but it only
    let me order 7 kinda strange right? but this is a great company

  30. I used to deal with several sites and never found better products, quality and prices.
    The prompt ordering and delivery time is exceptional.
    I recently had an issue and they sent me a new product with no questions asked.
    This is the way to do business!
    Recommend highly.
    Forever a customer. THANKS

  31. so glad you are back ,we missed being able to order our juice on line and receive it so so quickly and the exceptional customer service. hope you are looking into getting more selections on the juices would like to have a little more variety other than that you still are the best

  32. We are new to the vaping world. I did a lot of research and found SC Vapors. Prices are extremely reasonable, shipping is very fast, and customer service will be tested with my current order. (I requested an exchange of an order that hasn’t been shipped yet so we shall see…). Videos are extremely helpful and informative. Hoping for the High Caliber flavor review video to come out soon. We will be life long loyal customers and have been and will be referring many new customers to your company! My husband and I have quit smoking since we were introduced to the vaping experience!!!!

  33. Great service, fast shipping! Very happy with you guys (just wish you would get your reviews up for the High Caliber flavors). Always order from ya’ll

  34. great site great service great shipping time. a few more flavors would be nice. I give this site a 10 out 10 no doubt.

  35. Stacey-Sonoma CA …….SC Vapors I give you a 10++ Outstanding! I Just placed my 4th. Order for High Caliber Juice and have never had a problem with any order. I’m looking forward to see the new products your bringing on board. Great prices~Fast Delivery = Happy Vaping. Thank You!

  36. I recieved a busted bottle of e-liquid in the mail. I contacted customer service about it and within 3 day I got a new one. I was very pleased that they take care of their customers..

  37. Hi Y’all,
    The newer ViViNova cartomizers have a fibrous insulator between the heating filament and the ground (the metal tube which the wick screws into). [The old cartomizers had the hollow metal spike above the wick, the newer ones have the metal “doughnut” above the wick, and a flexible clear tube to seal the wick assembly against the reservoir cap]. Anyway, the fibrous insulator burns, turning the e-liquid a vile brown color. The looks disgusting and dangerous. The quality of the new replacement wicks sucks, as well. Two of the three I’ve tried to use (from my order of eight) didn’t work at all. Please pass this info onto the folks at ViVINova. Thank you.

  38. WOW!! What can I say. Great service, great product. Shipping time is super fast. Customer service is outstanding. I bought from another company and the batteries came apart. Called SCVapors and they shipped out a great product the same day. Thanks for your fast and excellent service.

  39. Me in Texas
    Once again fantastic shipping. If your out order here.
    He will get it shipped before your wick is dry. Prices are
    good too. I do appreciate it again.


  41. Man really fast shipping. I ordered my stuff on Monday and I’m already vaping it on Wednesday. Heck of a deal. I couldn’t have gotten it quicker if you lived around the corner. The price is killer too. Thanks again guys…will be back for sure.

  42. Had an order error but kyle resolved the problem right away and offered an item free of charge for the discrepency. Good pricing even better Customer Service! Thanks

  43. I would highly recommend SCVapors for all your vaping needs. They have a very reasonable price on my favorite Liqua products. Shipping was fast. There was a slight glitch with the order, but they corrected the problem without any hassle and send out the correction the next day. I will definitely be ordering from Kyle and his crew again!

  44. Kyle made sure that I received all of the correct items in a very timely manner! He is a very helpful person and I look forward to doing business with him again!

  45. Just a suggestion for add’l products… I’m a huge Innokin fan & though I see you do carry some of their clearo’s (mostly BCC’s), would love to see you guys carry their iClear30s clearo’s & replacement parts… I find you guys to be the perfect go to place, especially in a pinch w/ such fast shipping & good pricing 🙂

  46. Just placed my second order. My first order arrived in record time & at a price that can’t be beat. Many thanks!
    Hope to see some Tiramisu eLiquid from High Caliber in the near future. And maybe some Kanger 510 cartomizers, too?
    Thanks again!

  47. I like the selection of products you offer. Shipping time and prices are excellent!
    I am placing my third order today and have been very satisfied. Rating: 10

  48. Might have saved my life. My friend was 2 packs a day and switched so I decided to try. I haven’t bought a pack since Feb. Website was very helpful to me and I loved being able to create my own kit. Priced similar products on different websites and SCVapors’ are definitely the lowest. Thanks a lot Kyle, happy vaping!

  49. First time I ordered I was very happy! I ordered Liqua e juice, the price was very reasonable and the shipping was very fast!

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