ABCe-cigProConSafetyReliabilityRequired Components
AeGo BasedSmall, easy to use, works well, and cost efficient.Less control, no clouds, less flavor.Very safe! safety lockout prevents firing for too long.Very Reliable for all day vaping and on the go use!eGo Battery, Clearomizer/Tank, Charger, and e-Liquid.
A(Upgrade) APVMore control, longer battery life, still pretty simple, and cost efficientUsually bigger,Very safe! safety lockout prevents firing for too long.Very Reliable for all day vaping and on the go use!APV, Battery, Clearomizer/Tank, Charger, and e-Liquid.
BMech ModClouds, great flavor, great control,Uses TONS more e-Liquid, ohm’s law required for building, and you have to drip juice after every few pullsModerate Risk! Mech Mods can “Autofire” if there is an electrical problem, you should be advised enough in how electricity works to fix the problem or remove the battery and bring in for service, keep these away from children and pets as they get VERY hot when in use.Pretty reliable when built right, and when you drip efficiently. Burning your wick or blowing a wire while on the go will put a damper in your day, real quick. This is a Hobby Style approach to vaping.Mech Mod, RDA/RBA+Wire/Wick, Battery, Charger, and e-Liquid.
B(Upgrade) Box ModCLOUDS, ultimate control, longer battery lifeBigger, and depending upon what you use, the above ^ also applies.Very safe, HOWEVER! When using an RDA or RBA make sure that it is out of reach of children as it gets very hot while in use!More reliable than a Mech Mod, less reliable than your eGo. May require some tinkering depending on what you use to vape your e-Liquid.Box Mod, 510-Tank or RDA/RBA+Wire/Wick, Batterie(s), Charger, and e-Liquid.

Remember! At the end of the day you may have to try many different e-cigs. all electronic cigarette models will be different, some more than others… finding the one that gets you to stop smoking is the key!  We hope this comparison has helped you!

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