Beginners Guide To Vaping and Electronic Cigarettes

Ready to start vaping? What's your goal?

(A) You’re trying to quit smoking, save money, and you want it to: ‘just work’ with little to no maintenance to do on the e-cig.
(B) You want to blow huge clouds and have huge flavor and take more of a hobby style approach to e-cigs.
(C) You’re somewhere in between and would like to get some nice flavor stop smoking maybe blow some clouds with your e-cig.

The answer to this question will determine the level you enter the Electronic Cigarette World.

Choice A
You will appreciate the eGo Based setup with a nice clearomizer or tank to hold your e-liquid. You may eventually try an APV with a tank for more control!
Choice B
You will want to read the basic and advanced guides, you will probably start with a Mech-Mod/RDA, and eventually get a Box.
Pick a nice Mod. Next step is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer or “RDA.” You’ll need cotton wick and Kanthal wire for your RDA’s Coil(s).
Then you’ll want to get a Battery or two, and a Charger.
Scroll down to the bottom for an in-depth video showing how to build your RDA.

Choice C
Read this guide and watch a few videos, then you should head over to the Electronic Cigarette Chart. The chart will allow you to see almost every e-cig/ vape and its basic features on one page, enabling you to make a good decision.

Basic Components...

e-Cig Batteries...

510 Batteries:


510 Batteries are made for any Clearomizers/Atomizers/Cartomizers that have a 510 thread. The 510 Fitting is the most common e-Cig thread. Some small batteries can be activated by simply taking a drag off of the device, no buttons required! (The pictured battery has a button)

eGo Batteries:

eGo Batteries are also outfitted with a built-in 510 fitting for backward compatibility and have an extra set of threads (For Reinforcement) just above the button, but below the 510 fitting.The 3 main differences between the eGo and the 510 style are: their size, extra threads, and longevity.

The extra threads allow you to use more advanced Clearomizer tanks and other things that were designed specifically for this fitting only. eGo batteries are larger but last longer, and are often considered to be one of the best choices for our customers.

All eGo Batteries will need to be charged using an eGo Series Battery Charger. (uses the built-in 510 threads)


Mod Batteries are generally found in a wide array of capacities and sizes, some common ones include the 18350, 18650. Be sure you charge your batteries the correct way on their charger and ensure the battery you are buying will work with your device!

Different mAh values denote the longevity of the battery, i.e. how many puffs you can take on a full charge. (Refer to individual product details for more information)

Batteries can also be run at different voltages, to give a different amount of current to you atomizer or coil, common voltages for batteries without this feature range from 3-3.7v (Some devices allow you to hike the voltage up to v6.0!)

Clearomizers, Cartomizers, Coils, and Tanks...


The "Atomizer" in your e-cig is much more advanced than your common strip-mall perfume sprayer! Your e-cig uses a range of Physics, combining heat and airflow to produce a state change from e-Liquid inside your heating element/wick (Atomizer) to gas, or "vape." There are many different types some home-built some store-bought.


If simplicity and cost effectiveness is your aim, we recommend: Aspire or Kanger Brand Clearomizers, or the more advanced tanks from the same manufacturers! They all have replaceable Coils and are super easy for beginners!

Personal preference will eventually take over, once you've tried a few different types of Clearomizer.
Clearomizers come with a coil head (in some cases more than one). The Coil head is what takes your E-Liquid and brings it to the atomizing chamber from the tank.

All Clearomizers will allow a different amount of air to be mixed and pulled through the atomizer while vaping.
This causes there to be a seemingly different effect with each type i.e. v10, T2, T3, etc.

Most Clearomizers have what is called a "Bottom Coil Design" bottom coil Clearomizers are different in a fundamental way, the coil is located opposite of the mouthpiece. Some find this better keeps a steady flow of liquid into the atomizing chamber, and thus more vapor. But this is widely disputed, and both constructions are great! (Try both types for a better understanding!)

When using bottom coil Clearomizers it is important to remember that since the coil is inserted in the bottom, the tank will unscrew near the base where the Clearomizer and Battery meet. Be careful not to unscrew a full tank of E-Liquid. (grab close to the base after the tanks thread seam line to unscrew the entire Clearomizer)


These are usually a 510 fitting.
Cartomizers are used in DCT setups or, in setups where you will be directly dripping e- liquid every 5-15 hits on the atomizer or the mesh Down a tube (NOT An RDA) (These are very Old and not widely used anymore *11/12/14)

Refilling most designs...

To Refill: Top and Bottom Coil Designs:

  1. Unscrew and remove the mouthpiece, if you have a bottom coil, hold the Clearomizer so that the mouth opening is facing the floor. Then unscrew the bottom coil from the tank.
  2. If your coil head is removable, Check to make sure it is tightened all the way down.
  3. Fill the Clearomizer to the maximum designated amount of E-Liquid. (You will see markings on the tank)
  4. Screw the mouthpiece or coil head (if bottom coil) back on to the Clearomizer.
  5. Allow 1 minutes for the E-Juice to feed into the coil before you attach the battery.
  6. Attach your eGo compatible battery, and start vaping.

Coil Replacement most designs...

To Replace: Top and Bottom Coil Designs:

You'll know it's time to replace your Coil when you start to get a funny burnt taste while vaping.

  1. Unscrew and remove the mouthpiece, if you have a bottom coil, hold the Clearomizer so that the mouth opening is facing the floor. Then unscrew the bottom coil from the tank.
  2. Bottom coil designs are now done, just screw on your new coil, reassemble, and you're good to go.
  3. If you have a top coil under the mouthpiece, you will simply remove the coil by turning it counter clockwise. Then install your new coil and reassemble.

Ohms Explained...

Ohms measure electrical resistance. Everyone asks, What is the difference between a lower and higher Ohm Coil Head?

Lower Ohms:

  • The Coil Head will run hotter and give warmer vapor
  • Overall, more vapor is produced
  • A stronger throat hit can be felt
  • The battery will die faster because more electricity is being "allowed" through
  • You will go through liquid faster because there is more being used in each hit

Higher Ohms:

  • The Coil Head will run cooler and will give cooler vapor
  • Overall, Less vapor is produced
  • A smoother hit, less throat hit is felt
  • The battery will last longer because less electricity is being "allowed" through
  • You will go through less liquid

How to build a coil for your RDA...


You will only need to buy a Charger if one is not included with your battery, you will be able to see what comes with yours in the battery's product description.

Getting a Case is always a great idea, we are always working to improve our selection of Accessories.

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